[Conference Paper] The Horror of Bradensbrook: Gothic Co-Ordinates in World of Warcraft (Gothic Spaces, University of Sheffield, May 2017)

https://youtu.be/u5yeSR_f_x8 Transcript Introduction Somehow - don’t ask me how - I managed to confuse the word “Bradensbrook” with the word “Ravenholdt” when submitting this abstract. Or maybe it was “Black Rook Hold” with “Ravenholdt”. Or it might have been “Rooksguard”... or “Ravencrest”... Thing is, this confusion allows me to make a point. World of Warcraft …

[Music Review] Game Changers: The Reptile House EP (COREHAMMER)

Unexpected reblog of my Corehammer piece on The Reptile House EP and why it’s the best thing ever. Good things happen sometimes!


the_reptile_house_epFor me, the Sisters of Mercy are one of THE goth bands, and it makes me chuckle inwardly when Eldritch, and Pete Murphy, try and distance themselves from a sound and an image they went to painstaking lengths to define and craft.

The Reptile House EP is a moody slab of uber-goth and is probably the crystallisation of Eldritch’s vision (the EP is allegedly pretty much an Eldritch solo work) and, being pre-Hussey, has no light side… in fact there is no glimmer of light in any of the 25 minutes – and it’s the better for it.

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